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This is a page with links to sites with information about 'small-scale'  harvesting equipment and farm, family and community forestry. In the top left cell are links to some innovative group efforts which tie the marketing and use of local forest products with appropriate management strategies for nonindustrial private forestlands. There are links to some more academic aspects of microforestry, as well as light reading and places to purchase tools and equipment used to implement silvicultural objectives on smaller properties.


Please support your local forest coop:

Sustainable Woods Network (throughout US)
North Quabbin Woods (Mass.)
Living Forest Cooperative (Wisc.)
ACORN (Southern Vermont)
Appalachian Sustainable Development
Blue Ridge
Local wood use at Middlebury College
Cooperative Development Services

Magazines, books, sites:

Northern Woodlands
Rural Heritage
Independent Sawmill and Woodlot
The Forest Shop (books)
OSU Sustainable Forest Partnership NIPF page
The Tree Farm program
The Backyard Woods program
WA Small Forest Landowner Office
Positive Impact Forestry by Thom Mcevoy

Equipment info. (coop. extension sites, etc.):

About landowner cooperation
Solar kiln basics
UKFC tech. tractor tech. note 
UKFC forwarder trailer tech. note
OWA discussion and Gignac review
Jensen / Visser tractor evaluation
D. Turner / Han small harvester evaluation 
Virginia Tech CE tractor logging info.
More VT tractor logging (great!)
Univ. of Idaho small-scale equipment photos
Nice Purdue University handout
WV extension 'low-impact' discussion
Highland Birchwoods demo photos (Scotland)
Sam Brown's system
CFI article on Nova Scotia

Small scale research (journals, conferences):

Review of harvesting systems
IUFRO research unit
Small-Scale Forest Econ., Management and Policy
Kittredge publications
WSU family forestry conference (2004)
Galway, Ireland small-scale conference (2006)
Powerpoints from Smallwood (2006)
Hans Rottier's quantitative harvest theory thesis
Community forestry in Nepal
 F. Ingemarson dissertation (2004)

Services and sales of farm tractor winches and grapples, site prep implements, forwarder
trailers, and similar equipment:

Future Forestry products (arches, etc.)
Payeur (Lots!)
Nova (Patu forwarders, delimbers, etc.)
Small harvester head for tractors
Tiny forwarder
Blue Ox trailers
Beaver Valley (Wallenstein)
Rocan equip. (Rottne and Neuson harvesters)
Labonville (Norse winches, etc.)
Hudson Farm Equipment (Lots!)
Northeast Implement (Farmi, Valby, etc.)
Iowa Farm Equipment (Wallenstein winches,etc.)
Patu trailers
Union Farm Equipment (Fransgard, etc.)
White Mountain Chain (Igland winches, etc.)
Apache Forest Products (Tajfun winches)
Getting more serious..

New / used portable bandsaw mill suppliers:

The Sawmill Exchange (used mills)




Conservation and conversion:

Conservation Forestry (AFF)
Land conservation plan for coastal NH (BIG)
New Hampshire's Changing Landscape 2005
Wildlands and Woodlands (MA)
Some info on growth in Campton, NH
An informative talk by Lloyd Irland
NEFA wood supply analysis

Suppliers of plain tools:

Heavy Horses

Farmer Brown's
Aaron Martin

The Crosscut Saw Co.
Cumberland Store

Forestry Suppliers
Ben Meadows

Northeast foresters and landowner groups

Idaho Forest Owners Association
NH licensed foresters
Maine licensed foresters
Society for the Protection of NH Forests
The Forest Guild
New England Society of American Foresters
New Hampshire Timberland Owners Assoc.
Small Woodlot Owners Assoc. of Maine
Ontario Woodlot Association
Horse loggers in Southern New England
New Hampshire Furniture Masters Assoc.
New Hampshire Maple Producers

Other logging history, photos, and miscellaneous:

TJ's Woodshop- Great old logging photos
Patten Lumbermen's Museum (Maine)
Wisconsin, where my great-grandfather worked
Wisconsin family photos (Ma's side)
Steam in the Woods (Mark Reusser)
Recent equipment from Vannatta Bros.
Tom's Logging Camp 
L & T logging (w/ other links, Maine)
Les Barden- Pre-biometrics, a friend and I once conducted a full tally inventory of these pines
for Les... Uggh!


Small-scale nursery production